The process starts when we find antique pieces of furniture to restore and reupholster them to look like new, we also reupholster furniture for individuals who want to freshen up their antique furniture's fabric.

Avilio's Upholstery

Avilio's Upholstery has been in business in Miami, FL for over 30 years. Avilio's Upholstery started in a home garage 30 years ago as the idea came to Avilio while on the road with a friend and saw a perfect peice of furniture thrown out.


We come across antique furniture quite often, we've had many clients over the years who want to change or freshen up the fabric every so oftenof their antique chairs and sofas, to thrift shops and just plain out thrown away aniques with value.

The Idea

Avilio's daughter needed an antique with a certain look, luckily he had an antique chair laying around and the materials for it. From there the idea for selling these modern looking antiques arised.

Chairs and Sofas

At the moment we are focusing on chairs and sofas, we will be adding sets and other peices as we find and restore them. We also reupholster and restore furniture for clients who already have the peices you can ask for a quote by contacting us.